Introducing the Spa Deck
Revolutionary Hot Tub Deck

The Spa Deck transforms luxury decking
into an affordable reality for everyone

The Spa Deck is a fully customizable,


prefabricated deck for hot tub.

Designed to effortlessly accommodate

square or rectangular hot tubs


any size.

Discover the Unseen:
Our video reveals a patented, effortless hot tub fitting technique!

Featuring a patented adjustable opening:

The Spa Deck is uniquely engineered to accommodate

hot tubs of any size

from the grandest to the most compact.

This innovative design allows for precise customization

fitting widths or lengths ranging from 140 cm to 240 cm

and offering the flexibility to adjust the height (depth)

by up to 30 cm up or down

ensuring a perfect match for every hot tub.

Rectangular or square.

Big or small.

Available Versions

1. Basic Spa-Deck for hot tub

Offers elegance and functionality with a minimalist design.

Security railings can be added for enhanced safety.

2.  Enhanced Spa Deck

Builds on the Basic model

by adding a an integrated bar table

and a minimalist terrace at the front

for extra comfort and aesthetic appeal.

3. The ultimate selection,

offering a complete outdoor spa experience, featuring a hot tub,

a terrace designed for clean-footed strolling

an integrated bar table

a privacy screen

and a protective roof

creating an unparalleled luxurious experience.

Why Choose the Spa Deck?

The prefab flat pack Spa Deck not only assembles 5 times faster

but also is significantly more economical than garden-built, custom alternatives.

With the majority of time-intensive measuring, cutting, and framing handled in the factory,

the Spa Deck offers substantial savings in both time and money.

The Spa Deck harmoniously blends elegance with
affordability and functionality


One-Stop Shopping

Purchase your hot tub and matching Spa Deck from the same supplier.

Ultra-Fast Delivery

Take Home Today’s Prefab Flat-Pack Solution.


CNC production lines ensure precision-cut details at an unbeatable price.

Build it in One Day

Similar to setting up garden furniture, no traditional foundation is needed.

Building Permit

In most jurisdictions, building permissions are not required, similar to setting up garden furniture.


Material logistics managed seamlessly from purchase to installation.

Customizable Design:

Tailor the Spa Deck to your personal taste

by selecting the terrace board material and color.

Options range from

regular terrace boards or thermowood to WPC  

in any color or finish imaginable,

allowing you to put the perfect final touch on your design

Easy Maintenance Access

The Spa Deck features strategically placed latches for quick access to all hot tub service components, simplifying maintenance of pumps, pipes, and electronics.

Manufacturing Excellence

Produced in modern facilities with CNC woodworking machinery, our Spa Decks ensure quality and affordability.

Designed for quick assembly, they can be set up in a day

without needing a conventional foundation

offering efficiency and convenience.


The Spa Deck’s patented adjustable opening perfectly accommodates any
square or rectangular hot tub.

Patent and Design Protection

The Spa Deck features an innovative adjustment mechanism that is currently under patent application in key global markets, including the EU, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, China, and India.

We are actively protecting our designs under international intellectual property laws to ensure our innovations remain secure.

Distribution Rights

For distribution rights within the European Union, interested parties are encouraged to directly contact Tuindeco B.V. in Holland, the sole authorized trader for the EU.

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European Economic Area and Worldwide:

For distribution rights in the European Economic Area and the rest of the world, please contact:

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